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giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Everything and Nothing

Last night lying in bed, that almost insurmountable fear came over me. Death. Dying. It's probably the most common fear that we all share. If I honestly think about it for more than 60 seconds I become terrified, agitated and desperate. It seems like death rules all of us from the very beginning. 

Maybe its best to embrace it, be friends with it like Jim Morrison used to do. There is a chemical that gets released in the brain that exudes acceptance and calmness especially regarding their not so certain, dead future. If this chemical could be isolated and transformed into something into humans could ingest and feel the benefits of, things might seem to look up in this world. If it were integrated into society we might not feel the need to scurry all day, racing to the finish line before we even know what any of it is even about. Valid Ramblings? 

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