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domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Micheal Jackson-Micheal

Ladies and gents..behold a record from beyond the grave..but not really.

Let me explain. Since Micheal's death in June 2009 many things have happened in Neverland. Most importantly, all that concerned the Michael Jackson estate was passed over to his team of lawyers, who are really just employees of Sony Music. I am of the opinion that Michael was murdered simply because he was worth a hell of a lot more dead than alive. As sad and criminal as that may be. What followed was possibly the biggest and most despicable posthumous cash grab in history. His scheduled 50 dates in London were a no go so for a while there was a possibility to replace Michael with a life size hologram but that soon fell through. Finally a decision was made to release a dvd of compiled raw footage of the artist rehearsing at the Staples Center in LA. The dvd had insane sales success. A few months after the release of the dvd, Sony announced a huge deal that involved a possible ten album contract over the next seven years. All of this without one single Jackson family member's consent. This is the first of those albums. Before I go on reviewing the album I'd also like to announce that this album is not totally Michael Jackson's work. Three of the tracks on the album are not sung by the legend himself but but little known pop wannabe Jason Malachi. Sony hired him to record some of the songs that Michael helped to write because Micheal's vocals had not been mastered or even finished. This has been the subject of a lot of speculation amongst MJ fans. Both Randy Jackson (brother) and Taryll Jackson (nephew) have confirmed these reports on their respective twitter accounts. Both were not allowed in the studios where the album was mixed but gathered along with Micheal's sister, Janet for an exclusive first listen and concurred on the outcome that not only they but all of the Jackson fans around the world had been made complete fools of. The record is not as bad as thought by many critics and myself. The first single 'Hold My Hand' is one of the best tracks on this record. It's classic Michael in the sense that it intends to unite people as one for a positive goal. Akon lends a hand to modernize the track and also make it more familiar for all the preteens out there. 'Hollywood Tonight' takes some getting used to but once you settle in it can really become a real dance floor number. The album has a tendency to alter energy levels. Something that Michael would never had stood for. The laid back and almost chill '(I like) The way you love me' is followed by the overworked fake sounding 'Monster' which include a regrettable appearance by "gangster" rapper 50 Cent. 'Best of Joy' is so sweet and innocent that it's almost undeniably Micheal's work. 'Breaking News' is another addition that has the controversy that the megastar often made public but the vocals seem not to be that of the legend himself. '(I can't make it) Another Day' is one of the best tracks on this record. Recorded in 2007 with Lenny Kravitz. This cut features Michael exuding his passion all over the place coupled with Kravitz's sultry guitar work. I can't help to think that if Michael was actually involved with the song it would have sounded more powerful. The origins of the next song lie in an instrumental track of the same name by Japanese electro pop outfit Yellow Magic Orchestra from their 1979 album, Solid State Survivor. After hearing "Behind The Mask," Jackson contacted the group to ask for permission to add his lyrics on the track converting it into an ode to living life under a microscope. Originally intended for Thriller, it was reportedly left off because of a song credit dispute. The song was updated after Micheal's death by one of his estate's executors, John McClain. 'Much Too Soon' is the last track on the album and one that offers the feeling of saying goodbye which I guess is quite fitting.

The What Rating: I don't think I can rate and album that is not totally original material of the artist like it claims to be. All I can say is that It's a complete disgrace that Michael Jackson's legacy is being treated in such an abhorrent and loathsome way.