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lunedì 7 novembre 2011

Venting Session

How does this work? I mean your brain tells you that you like a girl. You go for it. She's into you. It's great for a while, smiles, intent, pleasure. Then something clicks, ur brain aint feeling like it used to. Something has changed but you dont know why, confused, you struggle to manage the situation. In the end, a negative climax occurs and you think...did that just happen and was it all worth it? I fell in love at first at fifteen then at eighteen. The last experience caused my mind to build the all so common metaphorical wall to protect myself from potential emotional harm. Since then I have not felt an emotion as strong as what i descirbe as love. I tend to wonder if that feeling will manifest itself again. Some girls hold a light but none ignite the flame. Frustration and confusion, masked buy a chronic haze and too much procrastination.