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lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

At The Drive-In and Refused to Reform! Incredible news as I awoke today. My facebook feed was invaded by wild posts on the bands reuniting. Sure enough the murmurs are true. They announced it via Twitter first then the website gave some more away. The band will reform for Coachella but an EP is expected to come out around March. Considering since the release of "de loused in the comatorium' the band has struggled to match the frantic melodic bliss that is that album, Id say that this may just be perfect timing from the El Paso outfit. They are also set to star in this years already insane Coachella lineup.
More amazing news today as seminal punk/post hardcore band Refused also announce they will come together for Coachella. They produced possibly the greatest hardcore album of the 90's with 1998's "The Shape of Punk to Come" their electrifying spirit is highly contagious and sends you into a blissfully manic spiral. They have a very conventional moral approach to their music and that was as refreshing then as it continues to be now.